Power Transformers Manufacturing Company

Oil Filled Power Transformers (up to 10000 KVA, 33KV Class) incorporate modern design and production capabilities to provide cost effective and energy efficient design for almost any application. Transformer Made of Cold Roll Grain Oriented (CRGO) with various liquid filled are available including environmentally friendly option for higher flash points. The reliability and efficiency of a power transformer has a major impact on the total cost of transmission over a long period of time. Our Power Transformer are Safe, Energy Efficient & ensure profitable benefit to the customer. Manufacturing accordance with national, international standard & ability to design to specific customer specification.

We, NJA Industries Pvt Ltd - Vadodara, are considered as a leading manufacturer and supplier of best quality Power Transformers for our huge clientele base.

Power Transformer Specification

Power Transformer Generally available in liquid filled type basic specification comprises:
  • Off Circuit Tap Changer or on load Tap changer with drive mechanism
  • Remote Tap Changer Control with AVR
  • OLTC Parallel Operation Control
  • Cooling Specification, ONAN, ONAF, OFAF, KNAN & KNAF
  • Indoor Cables Box or Outdoor Terminals for HV/LV Side

Ancillary / Supplementary equipment fitted as per requirement

  • Oil Temperature indicator (OTI)
  • Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI)
  • Magnetic Oil-Level Gauge (MOG)
  • Pressure Relief Device (PRD)
  • Force Fan Cooling
  • Radiator Valve
  • Current Transformer
  • Additional Natural Terminal
  • Bi-Directional Roller
  • OLTC RTCC Panel with AVR
  • Marshalling Box

Power Transformer Applications

Power transformers can alter from one voltage to another at high power levels. These transformers are used in various electronic circuits and also available in various types and applications.

The applications of the power transformer include the transmission and distribution of electrical power These transformers are widely used by power plants, industrial plants and traditional electric utility companies.

Power transformers are used in the high voltage transmission network to step up and step down the voltage. These transformers are generally used for the purpose of transmission of heavy loads.

These transformers are big in size compared with distribution transformers, that are used in producing station and transmission substation. Power transformers are used in the transmission n/w. So they do not connect directly connect to the consumers. So load fluctuations of transformer are less.

These transformers are used as a step-up device for transmission, so that the I2r loss can be reduced to a specified power flow.