Inverter Duty (Solar & Wind) Transformers Manufacturing Company

Solar / Wind Transformer is meant for converting the low voltage into high voltage and fed into a power grid. This transformer is also known as Inverter Duty transformer. Inverter duty transformers with two inverter windings to six inverter windings.

We, NJA Industries Pvt Ltd - Vadodara, are considered as a leading manufacturer and supplier of best quality Inverter Duty (Solar / Wind) Transformers for our huge clientele base.

Features and advantage

  • Manufacturing Rating up to6.3 MVA
  • Suitable of Solar Load Profile
  • Low No Load Loss
  • HV Voltage 11,22 & 33 or as per customer requirement.
  • LV Voltage - 0.30, 0.38, 0.420, 0.433,0.600, 0.800, 1.05, 6.6 or as per customer requirement.
  • Vector Group - Dy11Y11, Dy11, Y11y11, Dy5y5y5 or as per customer requirement.
  • Voltage step-up from the inverter output to the MV feeding network.
  • Galvanic isolation between the solar inverter and feeding network.
  • High mechanical strength LV windings comprises of two windings made of aluminium or copper both connected in wye (Y) with or without neutral point.
  • Natural or ir forced cooling system.
  • Winding:Aluminium and Copper
  • Robust and oil tight mechanical construction with customized overall dimensions.
  • High quality surface protection.
  • Protection & monitoring with devices that offer oil level indication, gas detection, pressure and temperature control.

Use / Application

  • Renewable Energy (Solar Application)