Our Human Resources Policy

NJA owes its success to competent personnel resources. NJA has always been at the forefront in the sector with its experienced, open to improvement and internalized quality personnel. Working in line with our targets is the basis of our human resources policy with our employees who constantly improve themselves with internal and external trainings, are open to innovations and know the importance of teamwork.

The happiness of its employees is the key to success. Our company is constantly improving itself by aiming to be the best in its sector with both social and educational opportunities. Our company aims to work in a peaceful and happy environment with the service offered to all our employees, performance-based compensation policy and social security.

You can reach our current job advertisements from website, you can send your resume to the e-mail address on

Internship Program

The students who want to do compulsory internship in our company from the related departments of Industrial Vocational High School should send the application to with their CVs. Internship applications must be evaluated and HR will be contacted by the trainee candidate if positive.