Dry Type Transformer Manufacturing Company

NJA Group offers of dry-type transformers up to 1000KVA, 33KV built according to all major standards Indian and International Standard. To minimize environmental contamination and fire hazard, customers are specifying dry-type transformers more frequently. These transformers meet strict parameters with respect to electrical system demands and functioning in areas with extreme climatic conditions.

Dry-type transformers are generally used in small as well as medium-voltage applications in electric devices, and are perfect for the industrial, utility, and commercial applications. Moreover, they have copper or aluminium windings that are covered with varnish.

Applications of Dry Type Transformers

  • Various industries such as chemical, gas, and oil use dry type transformers.
  • Water protection areas which are environmentally sensitive use dry type transformers.
  • Dry type transformers also find applications in forest areas.
  • Dry type transformers are used in substations of interior cities.
  • Both indoor as well as underground substations use dry type transformers.

Advantages of Dry Type Transformers

  • Dry type transformers are environment friendly, as they do not create pollution by releasing toxic gases.
  • They find applications in contaminated and damped areas
  • Their installation process is easy.
  • The dielectric heating & low thermal properties of dry type transformer make them durable.
  • They are safe for both people as well as surroundings.
  • They have high resistance, which helps them mange short circuit currents.
  • They have low side clearance and offer excellent performance.
  • They are capable of handling overloads with the help of their high capacity.